About Adele Park:

“Though my painting style is often realistic and almost photographic, my artistic goal is to produce paintings that are more vibrant and dimensional than photographs.  I split my creative time between watercolor and quilt-making, an art with a strong connection to painting.  Color, value, design, and composition are words common to both.  One feature that these two wonderfully expressive arts have in common is the pure pleasure they bring to me, both when I'm doing them and when viewers feel moved by them.”




Adele Park’s work:

From pencil, crayon, pastel, and oil paint-by-numbers as a child to charcoal, acrylics, and watercolor in adulthood, Adele has loved artistic expression her whole life.  After retiring from a software engineering career, she joined the Brevard Watercolor Society (BWS) in 2001 and has been enjoying the group's camaraderie and teaching workshops ever since.  She's an avid traveler and photographer and uses her own photographs as art reference material.  The subjects of her paintings vary from flora & fauna, portraits, seascapes & landscapes, to still life, but the subject matter most dear to her heart is that of living things -- florals, animals, and people.  Adele's paintings have been included in many juried exhibits and are represented in public and private collections.



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