About Ann Pember:

Ann teaches workshops and has been an invited juror for numerous national exhibitions.  Her work has been featured in more than thirty other books and publications, including six of the popular “Splash” book series published by North Light Books; most recently “Splash 12.”


Pember's book, “Painting, Close-Focus Flowers in Watercolor,” was published in 2000 by North Light Books and is nearly sold out. In 2008, Ann produced the first in her series of digital books on CD; “Make Dynamic Paintings in Watercolor.”



Ann Pember’s work:

“The abstract patterns and shadows created by light have fascinated me since childhood and are a critical element in the design of my paintings. My paintings are my interpretation of the real, often exploring an intimate point of view, especially those of flowers. I often paint in a series as a means of fully exploring a subject. While my paintings are realistic in nature, my intention is to convey: feeling, the spirit of the subject and a sense of personal connection, rather than to report a photographically perfect image.


“The most important technical elements to me are; the patterns formed by light, a good balance of values and the use of clean luminous color. I work on an easel, with the board tilted at an angle, allowing gravity to make the transparent paint move and produce beautiful passages. I paint directly, adding darks before the paint dries to achieve the freshest color. I use very little subsequent glazes of paint.


“My watercolors include flowers, landscapes, still-lifes and portraits, mostly inspired by nature and my home environment on Lake Champlain. Its vistas, rocky shore and gardens provide me with an abundance of beautiful scenery and subjects.”

Ann Pember's watercolor paintings have been selected for inclusion in more than two hundred national juried exhibitions, including those of the American Watercolor Society, Rocky Mountain National and Watercolor USA, winning her over 50 awards.


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