About Dave Collis:

My earliest introduction to watercolor was in kindergarten.  At age 13, I was introduced to watercolor painting techniques.  In the following year I took formal classes in pencil sketching, charcoal, pastels and oils.  During this time, I learned the value of the color wheel and perspective.  My college years were spent pursuing a degree in mathematics.  But this also gave me the opportunity to take several classes in the fine arts including drawing and acrylic painting.  After graduation, things in the art world were put on hold while I raised a family and pursued a career in mathematical applications.

 In March, 1997, I decided that it was again time to pursue my love for fine art.  After reviewing my experiences with all the mediums, watercolor seemed to be the most exciting and challenging medium for my art endeavors.  Like many before me, I started this phase of my art career by using cheap paints, cheap paper and cheap brushes.  After dabbling for several years, I suddenly realized that I needed to make major steps into improving the quality of my art.

 Over the course of several years, I studied watercolor techniques with such artists as Terry Madden, Tom Jones, Mel Stabin, Dave Drummond, Bud Edmondson, Carla O’Conner, Robbie Laird, Lian Zhen, Ming Franz, Gerald Brommer, Tony Couch, and Dale Latinen.  In 2005 I also took advantage of the opportunity to become a certified Terry Madden Instructor.

 In January, 2004, I joined the NM Watercolor Society.  During that first year I worked on the exhibition committee.  In 2005, I became the 1st Vice President for Programs for the society.  This position put me in a position to become the society President for 06/07.  In that same year, I also took on the additional responsibilities of Exhibition Chair for the Spring Exhibition, 2007.  In 07/08, I became the 2nd Vice President for Exhibitions.

 I have entered numerous paintings in county and state fairs, winning the Best-of-Show at the 2001 Socorro County Fair.  My paintings have been accepted into numerous juried exhibitions including both the NM Watercolor Society and the NM Masterworks Exhibitions.  Several of these paintings have won awards including an Honorable Mention Award at the NMWS Fall Exhibition, 2006.  And after satisfying the requirements for signature membership in the NMWS, I was accepted as a member of the Signature Member Group for NMWS in 2008.  Being accepted into the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies Exhibition, 2010 was a milestone for my efforts to improve my watercolor painting techniques.  I also received a 2nd place award in the 2011 NM Masterworks Exhibition in the Fine Arts, Watermedia Division and in the 2012 NM Masterworks Exhibition, the Wilson Hurley Enchantment Award.



For further information about Dave Collis, email: colliswatercolor@aol.com


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