About Elise Beattie:

“Fearless paintings and inspirational techniques are the hallmarks of my water media creations. By choice I create work designed to uplift the spirit. Mine is the work inspired by the serenity and beauty of the world I hold dear to my heart. My art is influenced by my imagination and love of photography. But, my photographs are a mere jumping off point for the inspirational techniques used to create my visual story.”

Elise Meredith Beattie was born and educated in New York City.  An avid traveler, the artist has called home to many exotic ports of call.  Currently, the artist resides in Paducah, Kentucky.  She is a nationally recognized artist & instructor, well known advocate of arts education and creative thought. 
Elise is a signature member of the National Association of Women Artists, The Northwest and Florida Watercolor Societies as well as many other state regional art organizations.  Beattie is frequently invited to jury exhibits and teaches water media art classes. The artist is well known for her “Fearless Painting” workshops, which have been sponsored by art organizations and community colleges across the nation.




Elise Beattie’s work:

Elise’s art is easily recognized for her pattern driven paintings, which she refers to as imaginative, creative and fearless mixed water media featuring a unique pouring technique.  “I don’t paint things” says Elise “I paint the emotions they produce.  My emotions, when mixed with paint, cause a fusion of representation and abstraction.”

Each journey starts with an adventurous pouring process. Pouring paint allows me the ultimate freedom.  It is as if I swim fearlessly with my subjects; diving into an ocean of vivid colors. The mingling hues become ever changing triads. The subsequent poured washes create cloaks of intensifying value and mystery; thus continuously redirecting my interpretation of reality. In due course my ideas, my pours and patterns transform the pandemonium of my vivid imagination to become a painting inspired by passion’s gift.

David Black - Tony Award-Winning Broadway Producer, Director, Actor, Artist, Playwright, Teacher, Author says of the artist's works "Elise Beattie's paintings magically convey the idea that we the viewer have something to do with their creation." The Bellingham Herald wrote about Beattie's paintings " The artist’s paintings are a celebration of saturated colors and luminous lights that melt together in patterns of form and color.”

Beattie exhibits regularly at many national and international art shows.  Her numerous accomplishments include being the recipient of a Blanchette Hooker Rockefeller Foundation Grant for a solo exhibit called (Short Stories from the road less travelled …) in New York City.  Her work has also been honored with numerous awards.

Beattie’s paintings have won inclusion into several books including “Splash 13
Alternate Approaches” & “Incite Best of Mixed Media– Dreams Realized” both by F& W Media. The artist is also listed in “Who’s Who in American Art.”




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