About Gayle Laible:

“I have been married for 47 years and have a daughter, son, and 2 grandsons!  Love my family, they let me be me!!!  We were created to be creative.... so always be willing to learn something new!  I attended Central Art Academy, which was one of the best commercial art schools.  It was handled like an Advertising Agency or an Art Studio.  You were given a job to complete, you kept records of your time, when finished turned it in. It was as if you were working!”

Gayle has served as design artist at an Advertising Agency, design/finished artist at a local department store and then Art Director at Avco Broadcasting, which had 4 TV stations (WLWT, WLWD, WLWC, WLWI) and a radio station (WLW).

“My husband, Ray, and I opened The Nearsighted Owl, an Art & Framing Store.  1972 to 1996, had classes 5 days/nights a week.  My cousin Sharon (Chinn) and I started a business publishing painting books.... Sharon & Gayle Publications.  Retired in 2007, but I'm still painting and teaching and I love it!!!!!”




Gayle Laible’s work:

“My whole life has revolved around Art!  My Mother, Helen, and my Aunt Joyce was artistic with sewing, painting, and crafting.  My junior year, 1957, I took art instead of general business!  My teacher submitted several students’ paintings to an art show at a local department store.  I won first place and was hooked!!!!

 “There is something I believe, not everyone is born with artist talent.  If you want to paint bad enough and are willing to try, then you may be pleasantly surprised at what you achieve.  You do not need to have your painting look like your teachers or another student.  Everyone sees things differently. We may be looking at the same landscape, flowers, or animal and we each see it differently.  My feeling for a teacher is to give you fundamental guidelines.  For example, kinds of brushes and purpose of each, explaining good watercolor paper, paints, supplies etc.  Then showing their techniques to achieving the final painting.  That doesn't mean you have to do the exact technique.  You learn several ways/techniques and you then start having your own way/technique to watercolor."



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