About Geri Medway:

Geri Medway’s artwork is driven by a lifelong love and sense of awe for the natural world. Her passion is painting light, in all its subtleties and complexities, and sharing her vision with others through her award-winning watercolor and oil paintings.

Geri is a Signature member of the National Watercolor Society and Watercolor West. Her mastery of the medium has been recognized with awards by numerous art festivals and art associations. A natural teacher, she has authored painting instruction books and taught art workshops in locales such as Limoux, France and Yosemite National Park. Her work is held in numerous collections in the US and abroad.

This will be Geri’s 12th year participating in the Festival of Art. She is showing new watercolor and oil paintings in a range of sizes for every budget. Please stop by her booth and say hello!




Geri Medway’s work:

Her painting process begins well before she steps into the studio. Inspiration starts outdoors, where she explores natural settings, from neighborhood creek trails to the rain forests of Hawaii and disparate landscapes of California. Every outing offers innumerable possibilities for painting—but her first job is to see, as if through new eyes. She seeks out light, patterns, and the beauty of “the mundane;” and uses a digital camera to record.

Back in the studio, the photos serve as visual reference for developing the subject and composition of the painting. She then uses varied techniques and the transparent qualities of watercolor to create the vibrancy, saturation, and depth of color for which her work is known. Finished works typically have between three and 12 layers of paint. The creation process for every watercolor—and now more recently oil—painting comes from a desire to share her vision of the incredible glory of nature.

She hopes that her artwork awakens or reminds viewers of the unending beauty of the natural world around us. She believes we need not look far to see the magic of this Earth, and that it deserves our stewardship and care.




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