About Janet Mach Dutton:

“I am Janet Mach Dutton.  I was born the oldest of 7 children. I spent my childhood in the northeast suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. At the age of ten, I was in a car accident that killed my mother and 2 siblings (which shaped an appreciation of life for me at an early age). My father remarried when I was twelve, divorced before I was eighteen and passed away in 1991. He was my best friend. I am sorry he is not here to share in my success and my life.


“At fourteen, I won a scholarship to a summer art camp at Kansas University. My dad put me on a train (alone) in Detroit.  I switched train terminals in Chicago and was picked up in Lawrence, Kansas at 1 am and taken to campus (this would never happen in today’s world).  In high school, I was awarded “governors choice” and my artwork was hung at the state capitol’s office. I graduated fourth out of 246 students, was voted “most likely to succeed” and “most honest” in my high school class.  I saved  baby-sitting money (50 cents/hour) to buy a Sears sailboat ($200) and spent whatever free time I had in the summers sailing on Lake St. Clair.  I held jobs as a waitress, seat belt factory sewer, US postal carrier (on foot) through the fish fly covered streets, and student cook.


“I graduated with honors from Michigan State University after transferring from Eastern Michigan University, and continued my education to earn a Master’s Degree in art education.  After one year working as an advertising assistant at a Woolco store in Williamsburg, VA, I got married and took a job with Bendle schools (Flint, MI suburb) teaching arts and culture to 6-12th grade students. I also taught some community classes in pottery and silk screening to adults in nearby communities.


“During my teaching years I was 9th grade class and student council sponsor, JV girls speedball coach (never knew what speedball was until I read the rules book) and JV girls basketball coach.  One of those girls I coached twenty years later became my sister-in-law. During that time I also was a member of the Grand Blanc Arts Guild and served on the board of  Flint’s Left Bank Art Gallery where I sold my pottery and serigraphy. Just before I retired in 2000, one of my students came back to give me a hug and thank me for teaching him how to draw.  He had come back to Flint to get his GED, after spending a few years as a successful tattoo artist in San Francisco.”



Janet Mach Dutton’s work:

“I love the MAGICAL WORLD I escape to whenever I apply watercolor paints to paper.  I can make two-dimensional drawings of everyday items appear as though you could reach out and carry them away or leave them flat without dimension or emotion.  With my ideas, paints and brushes, I can recreate reality, life, and emotion. I believe that ART doesn’t need words or explanations to be universally understood.  The world is full of interesting imagery and characters. It’s very rewarding to have a viewer remark… ‘I GET IT!’ or assert the nonverbal ‘Ah Hah!’ Perhaps evoking a thought will ignite the soul to create for all humanity… a better tomorrow. Welcome to my world of color and imagery!”



For further information on Janet Mach Dutton, visit:   http://www.jmachdutton.com/


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