About Jo Firm:

“I grew up in Montana and graduated from the University of Montana.  In 1959, my husband and I moved to the new and exciting state of Alaska.  After one year in Juneau, we transferred out into the Bush for 12 years.  In the early 70s, we with our two children moved to Anchorage.  In 1985, we returned to Montana as retirees.  I presently share my time between Montana and Nevada.  I am a juried member of the Henderson Art Association, a signature member of the Nevada Watercolor Society and a member of the Vegas Artists Guild and the Billings Arts Association.”



Jo Firm’s work:

Because life got in the way, I didn't begin my art career until I was 65.  It was my intention to explore watermedia and then move on to oil and pastel.  Some years later, I find myself still in the learning stages of watermedia.  So much to little time! Paint moving across a wet surface and images rising from the paper excite me.  They provide me with a way to explain what goes on in my eyes, my mind and my heart.


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