About Kathleen Conover:

Painting became a focus of Kathleen Conover's life when, at a very young age, she received her first set of paints and won her first award in a regional school competition. Growing up in southern California, she was exposed to an art-rich environment and surrounded by working artists, nationally acclaimed instructors and a strong "California School of Art" style of contemporary painting.  Kathleen studied undergraduate fine arts at San Diego State University and the University of Washington. She earned her Master of Arts at Northern Michigan University.


As a Master Artist, Kathleen is frequently asked to jury exhibitions and teach workshops across the country. Her extensive travels continue to enrich and inspire her work.


Kathleen’s Studio Gallery, now displaying her work exclusively with her daughter Amy’s beautiful reclamation jewelry, has opened for the summer season in Marquette, Michigan. Studio hours are Saturday from 10:00 to 5:30, by appointment or walk-in. To make an appointment, please call: 906 360-0596 or 906 236-2534.



Kathleen Conover’s work:

“The most significant signature element in my work is deep symbolism. A flower is not just a bloom of color in nature but representative of one stage of life in our own, human, life-death-life cycle. The frozen surface of a winter pond that reveals multiple layers of ice patterns, trapped leaves, air- bubbles, and dark water below speaks of the layered depth of a person. Looking through layers of ice is like looking into ourselves. The surface layer is easily recognized and understood. However, deeper exploration is needed to reveal the complex and veiled richness of the wonders within.”


Kathleen paints with openness and honesty to her subject matter, guided by intense observation and deep personal reflection. Her unique designs are rich in symbolic expression, observed with multiple layers, both literally and figuratively. Living over 30 years on the shores of Lake Superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsula continually inspires her through an intimate relationship with the dramatic side of nature:  its finesse, severity, beauty, abstract forms, concepts and natural complexities.


Chaos to Order:  “The visual transformation from chaos to order is the best way to explain my most commonly used approach to painting. Working spontaneously, intuitively and without expectations I combine color and gestural mark-making to begin the layering process of my paintings. I remind my students that this is the stage in a painting to best capture the creative energy of the initial inspiration. This is the beginning chaos and where I let the spirit of the fluid watercolor have a say: the paint flows, the colors mix and the sedimentary and staining pigments interact in magical ways that I could never create with my own hand. Order is brought to the lively, colorful and chaotic, first layer by working back into the painting in several layers. Interlacing a planned compositional understructure and building visual depth with each layer, I gradually introduce my imagery until the painting (whether representational or abstract) is complete, the composition dramatic and the message subtle.”


Frozen Ice Crystal Paintings:  “Freezing my watercolors in winter to see what I can catch is a wonderful mix of natural forces and human intervention. Besides lacy ice crystal patterns caught on my watercolor paper, this technique has caught the imagination of publishers, patrons, collectors and jurors alike. This is my most recognized signature technique, which seems fair since I have been working with my methods for 30 years, and some know me as the ice crystal lady.


For further information about Kathleen Conover, visit:  http://www.kathleenconover.com/



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