About Laurie Goldstein-Warren:

Laurie was born in Upstate New York in 1963 and has been painting for several years.  When living in New York, Laurie had a successful mural business with her brother, Todd (a New York artist). Their artworks are in several businesses and private homes, as well as the Rochester Ronald McDonald House.  She now lives near Audra State Park, West Virginia, with her husband, Lee.  Since moving, she has broadened her work to include watercolors and oils. In addition to her several “signature” level designations, Laurie has membership in American Watercolor Society and National Watercolor Society.  She is also available for jurying exhibitions.


Laurie has studied under various artists, from here in West Virginia, as well as nationally-known artists, such as Ron Ranson (England), Tom Jones (Florida), David Curtis (New England), Paul George (New England), Wes Waugh (N. Carolina), and Cheng-Khee Chee (Minnesota). Each year she travels to workshops in different states to pick up local influences to include in her work. Continual learning has been an important part of developing her special style.


She now leads group workshops and enjoys working with artists at all levels of experience and expertise. Her workshops are based on a limited palette approach to watercolor portraits, which simplifies the decision-making process and focuses on value-based execution. These include demonstrations, critiques and lots of individual help. For information, please call 1-800-766-0376 or 1-304-472-1414.



Laurie Goldstein-Warren’s work:

“When deciding on a subject to paint, I try to look, not only at the subject itself, but of the (sometimes hidden) beauty in the colors, shadows and perception of the object. I love to use lots of color, both in my watercolor and oil paintings. I feel that color speaks to people, catches their eye and can draw them into a particular piece. I enjoy working on a still life outdoors—painting nature as it happens. I also work from photographs in my studio if a subject won't sit still for me... as often is the case with animals. I try not only to capture the form of the subject, but also the feel of its surroundings and its inner nature. I want to thank you for taking the time to view my work.”


Laurie’s artwork has been exhibited in national and international shows, as well as various local shows here in West Virginia. In 2008, Laurie was chosen as one of the top 100 artists in the Paint America Paint the Parks National Artist Competition for her painting Hunter's Eyes.



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