About Mary Henderson:

Mary was born and raised in Saginaw in Michigan.  Grew up in a farming community near there, where she learned to love animals, respect nature and honor the country way of life.  In farming community such as this it would be very difficult to create a career in her beloved “Arts”, so even though she loves her family ties, Mary finally had to get out of that little town to “find herself”.


In Elementary School, Mary looked forward to her one hour art class each Friday.  In order to participate she had to maintain good grades and her homework had to be completed.


Mary was always looking for extra credits at school: clay, cloth, paper cutting, painting, and many unusual materials would turn up in a 3-D map.  That way she could create something unique.  Her science projects were dynamic as her creative mind was obsessed with brilliant colors and hand-built 3-D images.


When Mary was a high school freshman, she approached the principal of her High School (Dr. Bowdon), stating,” This school offers me nothing – we need an art teacher”.  The following year he hired Janet Leach who was an Art major and English minor. They became great friends, even to this day.   Janet obtained an exhibit for Mary as a very Gifted Art Student, at Delta College in Saginaw, Mi.   After being Janet’s art student for one year she was able display her sculptors, oil paintings, water colors and pencil drawings in a full window display at this College.  She was then acknowledged by Janet’s professor of Art at that College.


Mary studied at the Saginaw Institute of Arts for three years.  She got to work directly with artists who use different mediums:  metal sculpting, charcoal drawing, drawing from models, drawing from still life, oils, and acrylics and most important, and water colors.


Tribute for inspiration to artists as far removed as:  Claude Monet and Georgia O’Keefe which clearly shows up in her works that are light and airy, stippled and would resemble something with a Monet flavor and then the close-up detailed intense colored pieces similar to Georgia O’Keefe.


Mary started painting when she was 8 years old and at that age she received 1ST PLACE in a WNEM TV Channel 5 Saginaw Michigan sponsored art competition.  Since that time Mary has been painting and teaching continually for the past 33 years, and also spent 5 years doing juried art shows all over the State of Florida.


Mary’s favorite subject material is animals that are endangered and these are the rhino “Kifaru” done on cold press water color paper 40x30;  the mountain gorilla “Silverback done on cold press water color paper 30x40;   the African elephant “Simba” done on cold press water color paper 30x40;   all three of these were done with only 4 pigments.  Mary also loves to paint wildlife in unusual and many times close-up poses:  “Pam” the packman frog from South America and “Nile Crocodile” from Africa.  Under water scenes include: “Bring in the Clowns” the clown fish swimming in sea anemone and “Leatherback” the sea turtle.  Brilliant birds include: “Toucan” from Brazil as well as “White Birds” and “Yellow Birds” birds of Paradise batiks on rice paper each 36x24.


Mary’s goal is to assist in developing “right-brain” skills because through art work every barrier is broken.  Minds seem to mesh, the socio-economics and ethnic divisions disappear, people start coming out to an area of their “being” where they have not been before; the “artist being”.  Students then appreciate what they are doing and acknowledge each other’s creation while everyone’s confidence is being built.


To identify and fulfill the learning needs of people who are interested in learning art or having art become a part of their life. They could be 10 years old or 90.  Mary’s idea of teaching is to provide HANDS-ON instruction to the elderly, students whose art departments have been cut, home-schooled students, the hearing challenged, people from different cultures and all walks of life.  Everyone has the ability to be involved in art, all that is required is DESIRE and then Mary can give them all the tools to work with.


Mary derives her greatest joy when one of her students stands back in awe of the art work they have completed after believing they never had the skill to create art in the first place.


Some of Mary’s students have been under her instruction for many years continuing weekly classes at her studio “The Artists Creative Center” located at 3275 – 56th Street North, St Petersburg FL (727) 480-2865.  While others prefer one-day seminars, where they complete a project in that day (Saturdays only).  This might fall under the realm of watercolor, prisma color, pencil, batik or hand painted silk.


Her studio has a very warm and comfortable atmosphere. As you step in you smell the aroma of gourmet coffees and teas served along with great music.  The large library of art books and reference material line the wall.  Supplies for every type of project are available to purchase at the studio.  Mary prides herself in the ability to teach many different styles using color, brush stroke, texture and types of paper.  Students have access to develop not only their own style but also the subject matter.



Honor and Awards:

WNEM Channel 5 Saginaw Michigan (sponsored art competition: 1st Place

Mixed media, one woman show sponsored by Delta College, Midland, MI

Silver Medallion, awarded by Grumbacher, Inc., New York, NY

Private Reception Show, Gallery Belleair, Belleair Bluffs, FL

Certificate of Appreciation and Special Merit, All Children’s Hospital Art Show/Auction, St. Petersburg, FL

Special purchase awards from Leesburg, Florida “Arts in the Gardens” Show

Three Purchase Awards, Florida Art Festival, Melbourne, FL



Galleries and Affiliations and Corporate Sponsors:

Paradise Gallery, West Palm Beach, FL

The Gallery of Crawley Square, Miami Beach, FL

Fine Art Sales, Park West at Sea, Miami FL – 6,000 limited editions SOLD

Don Cesar Fine Arts Gallery, Pas a Grille, FL

First Impressions, Inc., Palm Harbor, FL

Colonnade Arts, Clearwater, FL

The Frame Designers, St. Petersburg, FL

Fripp Arts Gallery, Fripp Island, SC

Ken Hawk Gallery, Hyde Park, FL

Nuance Galleries, Tampa, FL

Florida Art and Frame, Boca Raton, FL

The Annual Artistic Waters – a Florida Collector’s Art Show - sponsored by the Florida Aquarium, Tampa, FL

CASA Benefit Auction – sponsored by Mary Henderson

Artrageous Framing Studios, Pinellas Park, FL

NCNB now Bank of America

Nationwide Insurance

Creative World Incorporated – owned by Martin F. Webber

Fire House Gallery, Dunedin, Fl

Grand Central Stained Glass and Graphics, St. Petersburg Fl.


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