About Ming Franz:

“Welcome to my studio, where you will experience paintings of various styles—from traditional Chinese brush paintings and watercolor (with my creation of Splash Ink), to watercolor fusion—where East meets West.”


“I have studied both Eastern and Western paintings, and have experienced many different kinds of media and techniques.  I learned what I like the best is from the 90s.  I discovered Splash Ink painting and fell in love.  Since then it has become my style of painting.  I did not follow the Chinese tradition; I added watercolor and watercolor techniques.  It has become a true East meets West style in art. This type of art has been in my mind for a long time and now it has become a reality.”


Ming started painting when she was eight years old.  Her next door neighbor, Mr. Tsai, was an art teacher who taught her crayon, charcoal drawing and watercolor painting. She later studied with masters of traditional Chinese painting and attended National Art Institute of Taiwan.


She immigrated to US in the early 70s and continued her art studies in mostly community colleges, where she resided. In the 90s, she studied traditional Splash Ink with Master Paul Hau, who is Master Chang’s friend and student. Ming also studied “East meets West in Art” with Professor Arthur Kao of San Jose State University.



Ming Franz’s work:

Ming's style of art, Splash Ink with Watercolor, is about freedom, creativity and your imagination—finding your inner spirit and letting it work for and through you. It touches your 'inner child' and lets you want to do and enjoy the experience, rather than doing a task that becomes tedious in wanting everything to look perfect.  This blending of Asian black ink and primary watercolors is splashed onto layers of Ma (mulberry) rice papers, before adding finishing touches from both Eastern and Western traditions.


Blending black ink and watercolors produces an abstract which can be variously interpreted. Often, the artist must look at the abstract forms and let the colors speak. The creativity is in the mind of the artist. This innovative style of painting expresses an exceptional and contemporary view of nature.  Artists can allow themselves to let go of control and enjoy this method of creativity.


In the early 90s, Ming was so inspired by the splash ink paintings of world re-renowned artist, Master Chang Dai-Chein, she immediately wanted to attempt her first creation. She loved the idea of having several papers to choose from when merging colors and intensity. She can allow herself to let go of control and enjoy this method of creativity.  Ming feels very excited about her attempts and the realization that it's OK to try because if it doesn't please your eyes, it's a start toward improvement as you continue to enjoy the experience.



For further information on Ming Franz, visit:  http://mingfranzstudio.com/







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