About Rosalie Waranius Vass:

Rosalie Vass grew up in the Kettle Moraine area of Wisconsin. The small town, farms, forests, lakes and streams provided many ideas and great subject matter for her future as an artist. She attended a private high school to get her art training and went on to Alverno College to get a degree in Fine Art and Teaching.


At first glance, Rosalie’s paintings seem full of whimsy and charm. Loaded with bright colors and meandering textures, the eye is entertained and eager to view the entire work. There is not just one focal point because every area demands attention and is carefully crafted by the artist. The title of the piece may give some clue to the artist’s intention but that never tells the whole story. Collectors usually find their own interpretation and trace it back to some memory or event in their life. Rosalie say that while she works, a stream of consciousness entwines  memories of her childhood and travels.


Rosalie’s main body of work is on watercolor paper ranging in all sizes up to 4 ft.  by 6 ft. She uses watercolor and acrylic paints plus an overlay of prisma color pencils. Not a traditional painter, Rosalie prides herself on creating a new style and technique involving many layers of paint which uniquely identifies her work.


Because of her many years of teaching in public and private schools, Rosalie is adept in many techniques such as oil painting and print making. She is often called upon for commissions, demonstrations and workshops. Her paintings can be found in many private collections, as well as, corporations, banks, hospitals, and offices. She has been invited to show her paintings in many venues including museums, universities, libraries and the National Watercolor Society Shows in which she has earned signature member status.


Rosalie’s achievements have been documented in Who’s Who in the World, Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who of American Women, as well as, the library of the Chicago Art Institute and the Cultural Art Center of Chicago.



Rosalie Waranius Vass’s work:

Her paintings burst with the reflections and experiences of her childhood adventures and adulthood travels. The desert, the ocean, the mountains and the architecture of her world travel all find a place in her work; never as one scene from one location but a blenderful of images from many times and places. She has painted flocks of sheep, herds of cows, choirs of angels, and countless towns, cities, palaces, bridges, and cemeteries. Her paintings are like random pages out of the diary of her life; come experience the joy of her art.



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