About Shin Jong Shik:

Master watercolorist, Shin Jong-Shik, was born in Seoul, South Korea.  He is actively involved in his area’s art communities and currently serves as Professor of the Painting Department at Hong-Ik University’s Fine Arts College.  He is director of both the Seoul Art Association and Changwon Art Association.  Additionally, he is sub-commissioner of the Korean Art Association and member of the Kyungnam Professional Artists Association.  In addition to being an artist, Shin has authored two books.  His book, Technique Expressive & Application, instructs readers in essential watercolor fundamentals and special techniques, as well as more advanced concepts.  In this book, readers can follow and learn techniques including how to employ items such as plastic wrap, salt, spray bottles, toothbrushes and masking tape to render varied surfaces.  Each project begins with a “materials needed” list and a pencil drawing.  The step-by-step lessons are beautifully illustrated and conclude with one of Shin’s finished paintings.  Shin Jong Shik’s book, The Display of Light, is an inspiring collection of his still life paintings, landscapes, seascapes and floral paintings. Shin earned his B.F.A. in Painting from the Hong-Ik University; D.S.A.P/Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts, Section Arts Plastiques, Paris; B.F.A/ Licence en Arts Plastiques a l'Universite de Paris VIII; and M.F.A in Maitre en Arts Plastiques a l'Universite de Paris VIII.



Shin Jong Shik’s work:

Shin has a gift for transforming everyday scenes into exciting, vibrant works of art.  He is a prolific painter, who has had 13 solo exhibitions since 1993, as well as numerous group shows throughout Korea.  As a renowned artist, Shin has been invited to participate in more than 180 group art exhibitions. The beauty in Shin’s work stems, in part, from his innate ability to observe, capture and translate his subject matter on a paper in a manner that is insightful and beautiful.  His interesting compositions and skillful use of light and shadow add depth and brilliance to his paintings.  We become interested in them.  Shin’s talent is also evident in his proficiency at creating textures.  Whether he is painting lace, brass, fruit, glass or nature, the textures he renders are believable. Shin’s application of color make his paintings especially stunning to view.  From soft, delicate details to bold, sweeping brushstrokes, Shin skillfully wields his brush, resulting in paintings that are vivid and dynamic.  They convey a mood that elicits a response from us. Shin has had 24 solo exhibition in Seoul, Korea); Beijing, China; New York, USA; Tokyo, Japan; and Berlin, Germany. His group exhibitions include:  Juin de la Celle Saint-Cloud, C.C.C. Paris, France; Salon Grand et Jeunes d'Aujourd'hui, Grand Palais, Paris, France; Biennale de Mediterraneenne, Musee d'art contemporain de Nice, Nice, France; Ecole de Seoul, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea; Korean Contemporary Paintings in 1990, Hoam Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea; Today and Tomorrow, Walker-Hill Art Center, Seoul, Korea; Korea-America Exhibition of Interchange, L.A Art Core, U.S.A; North-East Asia Exhibition, Beijing National Culture Palace Hall, China; This Generation's Western Painter Preview Exhibition, Quigdao Art Center, China; Korea Mid-South American Tour Exhibition, Chile, Argentina, Mexico; L.A Peptization Exhibition, Memorial Hall of Radio Korea. USA; Division, Bayrouth Art Center, Germany; Diversity in Form and Thought, Imperial City Art Museum, Beijing, China; Open the Asia, Kyung-hyang Gallery, Seoul. Korea; KCAF, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul, Korea; New Asian Expression of Asian Art, Malaysia; Korea-Japan Exhibition of Interchange, Japan.  Awards include:  2005 Beijing Art Expo 'Gold Prize', Beijing Convention Center, Beijing, China; 1990 Dong-A Arts Festival 'Dong'A Journal Prize', National Museum of Contemporary Arts, Gwacheon; 1989 Biennale Mediteraneenne ' H. Matisse Grand Prize', Nice National Museum of Contemporary Arts, Nice, France; 1988 LEZOUX International Contemporary Arts Festival, 'The first prize- Prix de Conseil generale Aubergne', GML Pavilion, Lezoux, France; and 1987 CIBA-GEIGY (sponsored by Agriculture Department of France) Tin/Non Tin Exhibition awarded '3eme Prize' Ecole Nationle des Beaux- Arts pavilion, Paris, France. Collections include:  National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea; Kumho Museum, Korea; LG FELIX, Korea; the Bulgarian Embassy; the Geneva Embassy; the Poland Embassy, etc.



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