About Susanna Spann:

Known internationally for her beautiful paintings of crystal and flowers, Susanna Spann has recently authored her own book, "Painting Crystal and Flowers in Watercolor," published by North Light. Her workshops are based on this book and consist of learning the skills necessary to paint these ethereal textures. Susanna covers exercises in value scales, compositional elements, color theory, utilization of photo reference, subject ideas, and marketing. “Lots of learning and lots of laughter,” say many of her previous students.



Susanna Spann’s work:

“I stumbled into a magical marriage between two opposite textures when I borrowed a crystal bowl from a friend for a floral commission piece. Over the years, paintings with glass objects and flowers have been symbolic to me, depicting the various chapters of my life. These textures allow me to create something absolutely gorgeous while keeping a personal record of life’s joys and sorrows, successes and defeats.”



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