About Vera Dickerson:

“Art of some sort has been part of my life since childhood, as has the love of travel. With maturity, I have come to a better understanding of the scope and content beyond simple picture making so that I now want to put my emotional connections into my art. My belief is of art as a personal expression which contains something of the hand and mind that has formed the painting. It should be personal, not just a surface ‘prettiness.’ As a reflection of my outlook on life, I also quite often incorporate gentle humor in the painted figures or titles of my art.

After years of academic training as an artist, and subsequent teaching, I now find great pleasure in combining this with the joy of new places and people. Travel expands our lives; seeing—really seeing—lifts us to a higher state of experiencing life. Then, it’s the work of the artist to visually share this with the viewer. My hope is that the viewer will become emotional involved and respond to my painting.”

Vera lives with her husband, Bob, and assorted cats, in the countryside of Botetourt, Virginia. She directs and teaches at The Studio School in Roanoke. Her career honors include signature membership in both American and National Watercolor Societies, as well as inclusion in Who’s Who in American Art.



Vera Dickerson’s work:

“The majority of my work these days is a mix of watermedia and artist-created collage papers. These papers are made with layers of color, stenciled and stamped onto light weight papers, allowing me to produce custom colored papers for individual paintings. Some of my paintings deal with relations between people, often women working together, but placed in symbolic “dances”. And I paint domestic animals, often chickens, who can take on human characteristics and allow me to play with their interactions. As they don’t care what I do with them, its also artistic play with color and pattern.”


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