Mission Watercolor paints are the first ever to be manufactured without thickening agents.



with thickener


with thickener

Mission Gold Watercolors

Mission Gold Watercolors

Silicon dioxide, a thickening agent used in the manufacturing of watercolor paints, has an adverse effect on the clarity of colors in that it is incapable of dissolving in water. This property prohibits the even spread of paint as pigments cling to these solids and will appear granular on paper. This effect, known as Phenol Phenomenon, causes the solidification and caking of pigments which decreases color vibrancy and transparency. In creating this watercolor, the researchers at Mijello developed a process to make paints naturally viscous and free of any thickening agent. The result is chromatically pure and intense color, even when mixed with other Mission colors.


For example, the visible differences between smooth and rough skin are easily distinguished with a microscope. A person’s complexion appears unclear and uneven when the skin contains excess keratin. After exfoliating, skin tone becomes more even and complexion becomes clearer.  In a similar manner, paint colors can appear muddy when they contain any lumpy granules of pigments. Hence, watercolor paint without a thickening agent can achieve excellent transparency, vividness and smooth flow.

Are Mission Watercolor Paints too strong?

This is the most commonly asked question posed to us from artists who have tried Mission Watercolors. The researchers at Mijello formulated Mission Water colors from densely concentrated pure pigments with the understanding that artists can control the color by simply diluting with water. If an artist begins with weak pigments, it can be difficult to achieve intense color when needed. Mission Watercolors provide artists with wider latitude in that respect and because of their intensity, are more economical.


Mission Watercolors are an excellent medium for designers


Because Mission Watercolors are so intense and easily controlled, they are appropriate for a variety of applications. When mixed with a little Titanium White, Mission Gold can replace gouache or poster paint making them ideal for design work.

How to use Mission Gold Watercolors


1. Because they are highly concentrated, only a small amount of paint is needed on the brush.

Mission watercolors are an economical choice as they will last much longer than other brands.

-Rose Madder

-All samples tested with the same amount of paint(30mg each)

-Tested on professional watercolor papers

-Painted in circle with a diameter of 26.5mm

British brand W professional-grade watercolor

Korean brand professional-grade watercolor

Mission Gold Watercolors


2. Artists can create more muted tones by simply adding a small amount of black to their color.  Due to the intensity of the pigments, Mission watercolor will not appear muddy.

-Samples each tested on professional-grade watercolor paper

-Tested by adding an extremely small amount of ivory black into permanent yellow and yellow green

Mission Gold Yellow Green

+ Ivory Black  ─────────>

Mission Gold Permanent Yellow + Ivory Black    ─────────>




3. Mission Gold Watercolors have excellent coverage due to the concentration of pigments. When more opacity is desired, a small amount of Titanium White can be added without sacrificing the intense color. (Poster colors do not settle well on watercolor paper so they would not be the best choice when trying to create depth in design or painting.)


-All samples tested with the same amount of paint(50mg each)

-Tested on professional watercolor papers

-Painted in circle with a diameter of 26.5mm

Korean brand professional-grade gouache in Viridian

Korean brand professional-grade poster paint in Viridian

Mission Gold Watercolor in Viridian

Mission Gold Watercolor in Viridian + Titanium White


4. Because it is free of thickening agents that solidify over time, Mission watercolors can easily be lifted from even dried palettes without the use of water.

Painted with watercolor fresh from the tube

Painted with watercolors left uncovered in palette for 6 months

This photo was taken on Sept. 6. 2011, 6 months after watercolors were initially placed on the palette


5. Because Mission is strongly pigmented color, it is excellent for perspective painting. By controlling the intensity of color, artists can create the illusion of depth and volume.

Test swatch approximately 2 meters in length without reloading brush

*This photo has not been altered or retouched.

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