Beyond Expectation!

Read what artists are saying about Mission Gold Watercolor.


Raymond Andreotti

“Wonderful transparency!  Rich color.

Great color mixes wet-in-wet.  Excellent watercolors”


Angela Barbalace

 “A very good consistency.”


 Judy Antonelli Klanderman

“Strong!  Love it.  Like not wasting paint put in

palette & drying to unworkable state.”


Deena S. Ball

“Rich.  Full color.  Bright.”


Paul Jackson

“Your paints pack a punch.

They mix easily and are rich with pigment.”

♦  ♦  ♦  ♦



Anne Bagby

“I love the size of the sample.  It is perfect for travel and in my purse.”

“Lots of colors but easy to store…. I can put the Mission set right out front were

I can find it when in a hurry with every color I will need.”

“Over the years, I have accumulated a large box of water color tubes,

which I end up storing in the closet.…

This is not a sample that will clutter up the studio until it ends up in the end of the drawer.”

“The colors are strong and smooth in a wash….

The water color lifted easily, could be painted over gently and lifted again.”




Sue Archer

“I am a traditional transparent watercolorist—apply my paint in a wet-into-wet manner

on pre-wet paper—and love the effects of granulation, backruns and texture.”

“I really like the concentration of your pigments. I use many pigments full-strength to get

intense colors and yours do that.  Also, the way they rehydrate so easily is a plus...

This would be a big help travelling when you have to skim-over-the-top of your wells so that

you can put your palette in your suitcase. A lot of other brands don’t rehydrate at all and

stay as dry pan paints after that.”



Gerald Brommer

“I have been using your paints for several days now, and find them to be brilliant in their intensity.

Wow—what strength!  The first brush strokes were way too intense,

and I needed to add more water to my palette to bring the intensity down….

The folks in the workshops were equally impressed with the brightness and intensity of the colors.”



Dave Collis

“I agree with their claim about the paint consisting of a high percentage of pigment.”

“After a little practice with the paints, I found that they are easy to use for my particular method of painting.”

“Since I work with several different types of watercolors,

I try and paint with the Mission Gold when time permits.”

“I have enjoyed the experience.”



Barbara Jeffery Clay

“I have found them to very intense and full bodied colors with more transparency.

I also think they are staying wet longer than the normal watercolors.”

Barbara has written a book for the International Artists Magazine-

“Ten Favorite Projects in Watercolor”. Barbara’s painting

“snowing on St. Francis Church” is published by Leanin’ Tree Cards.

She is featured in “Best of American Watercolor” soon to be published.

Barbara loves to teach and teaches many workshops around the United States.

Her work has won prizes in juried exhibitions and she exhibits in Mann Fine art galleries.



Joanna Coke

“Mijello's brand of these colors have a lot of color—lots of pigment—

which results in stronger color overall (compared to other watercolor product lines).

I like color and it fit my personal style, as well as making it easier for me

to maintain full color after the watercolors dry.”

“This December I am in the process of completing 3 more aqueous

paintings using Mission watercolors as the major impact.”

“Keeton's had the introduction sets on hand and many were purchased.

These intro-sets fit most of the students’ needs with strong clear color that Mission provides.”



♦  ♦  ♦  ♦


Gail Bracegirdle

“These are especially intense and lightfast.”


Robin Rogers Cloud

“Highly pigmented paints.  Really like the consistency.”


Dianne Barnard

“It seems very vivid—great colors!”

“I use the cheap student brands in teaching, so I really noticed

the difference!  The colors are so rich and seemingly ‘thick!’”



Aimee Buchanan

 “There is NO comparison.  I will not use the dry cakes again

unless I am teaching the youngest students only.”


Sally Cataldo

“They are very nice.  I like them a lot.”

♦  ♦  ♦  ♦


Claire Citrano

 “Bought only the small range of colors—wish I had purchased the bigger set—

will definitely purchase more.  So brilliant and uses much less to be effective.

Makes wonderful darks—love them—can’t wait to buy more colors.”



Therese Ferguson

“I had the opportunity to see your line of watercolors at the Florida Watercolor

Society Show and was very impressed with the pigments and the demonstrator.”

“I was very impressed with the fact that they liquefy so easily and

the intense colors that she was using on the backgrounds.”

 “I am a watercolor instructor and have at any one time, about 45-50 students and

 on occasions do workshops. I am always bringing in new product lines and papers

for them to see what is on the market and how to get the best results with them.

I am enjoying experimenting with them very much and my students are enjoying watching me

as I am discovering how to use these highly pigmented paints.”



Sy Ellens

“I received the Martin/F. Weber Co. award at the

Missouri Watercolor Society Members Exhibition.

 A beautiful set of watercolors.  I will make good use of them.

Thank you very much for being such good supporters of the arts.

It makes it worthwhile for us to participate in many activities that

we would not be able to otherwise.  Thanks again.”



Teri Gammalo

“Love it!  Very creamy, real moist and so brilliant!  Rich pigment!”

“ Vivid colors!  My opinion is this… I find that the colors are clean and intense,

they layer wonderfully, they dry with more intensity than other brands.

I love the way the mix on the paper and on the palette as well.

Lightfastness is important and I am pleased to see the high levels of

all of your colors in the Mission Gold brand!!”
“My pigments are still moist and creamy… It is wonderful to know that they do not dry out!!!

The fact that will not get cakey is very important to any watercolorist!!”



Gayle Laible

“I really love the paint… What really impresses me with Mission is that no matter how long it sits out in the air

(I never cover my paint even though I really love your palettes),

I can just wipe a damp brush across the paint and it is intense.

I don’t have to spritz and jiggle my brush back and forth to get the gorgeous colors.”

“I was teaching a couple of women in a private class and they couldn't believe

how easy it was to drag their brush across and not have to spritz or

take an eye dropper to get the quality and intensity up an onto the painting. The colors are beautiful.”

“I love the way my painting turned out.  All I can say is I'm so impressed!!!!

I am in the process of painting 2 new paintings and I'm using the Mission Gold.”

“I started out with just the 12 pack of 7 ml paints...

I squeezed out less than a dime-sized amount on my palette

and I have only replaced the Van Dyke Brown???  It really does go a very long way.”



Denise L. Sperry

“I would whole heartedly endorse these paints.”

“Mission Gold is rich and luminous.  The hallmarks of my paintings are bold and luminous color,

so these paints are perfect for me to achieve this.”

“I appreciated the quality of the paints.

There was no oil or binders that separated when I squeezed out the paint.”

“Because of both the intensity and viscosity, I did find that a little bit of paint went a long way.

There is nothing more annoying than burning through

an expensive tube of paint because of poor quality and weak formulas.



Mel Stabin

“I just wanted to let you know that I have now added your company to Mel's supply list

and I specified the Mission Gold by Mijello line.

Mel's next watercolor workshop will be in Marathon, Florida,

which he will be conducting for the Florida Keys Watercolor Society this coming January.

I just forwarded our supply list to the Society to be sent to all registered students.”



Patricia Sharpe

“I have been liberated by Mission Watercolors.”

“The rich, vibrant colors and ability to reconstitute even after drying out, has amazed me.

I have found that I no longer go to my old stand-by products that I have used for years

but go to the Mission colors because the results have been so astounding.”

“It was my lucky day when I decided to give the introductory set a try.

I am a professional artist and  I now use nothing else.  Thank you for this truly quality product.”

“Mission seems to have richer colour and flows better.  I really like them on 140 lbs cold press (arches).”



Laurie Goldstein-Warren

“The perm. Rose compares beautifully with Daniel Smith Quin Rose.

Viridian is gorgeous!  I love the perm red—very vibrant.  Very impressed!”

“I loved the Mission Gold watercolors.  The colors are so vibrant and the pigment is intense.

 I paint in a limited palette, so the colors I use are vital.

These colors make wonderful mixtures and I can get the colors I need for the images I paint.  Beautiful!!”


♦  ♦  ♦  ♦


Dora Davis-Glackin

“I liked the intensity...  My work is known for its vibrant color.”



Carol Z. Brody

“Colors are gorgeous!  They compare equally to the top brands in strength and purity.  They are top quality!”


Vera Dickerson

“They are beautiful colors and I'll be sharing my thoughts with my students this winter.”



Joyce Cusick

“Intensity—as good or better than [Old Holland, Windsor & Newton, Holbein].  Washes are smooth.”



Margot Clark

“I love them!  What great pigment and they are sooooo easy to use!”



Leslie Cheney-Parr

“I have now experienced the beautiful clear color, excellent handling and strong intensity of the paints in the small set…”

♦  ♦  ♦  ♦


Ming Franz

“I think the color blending is beautiful.  I have to use very strong pigment to complete the paintings.

Mission watercolor paint is soft and smooth easy to paint…”

“I have been experimenting with Mission Gold Watercolors and have found the color really fits

into my Splash ink with Watercolor painting. I am still working on it to make more beautiful paintings.”

“These paints have a very creamy texture, with quite intense color, and spread easily, evenly, and thinly when desired.”



Sam Hull

“I just received an award (set of Mission watercolors) for one of my paintings at the Missouri Watercolor Society.

 I had never heard of this brand and so far—I really like their intensity and liquidity.

Thank you very much for the donation—I will put them to good use.

If you have a catalogue—I’d appreciate sending me one.  Thanks again!”



Palma Kotowski

“I have been using the set I bought at the convention and recently ordered four more colors

from Dick Blick to add to my set.  I absolutely love the vibrancy of these paints and tell everyone willing to listen.

Thank you again for your generosity and for helping to distribute a fine product.”



Lois Moore

“I am really happy to share how much I love the Mission Gold watercolors.

The colors are very intense, so I can get the bright, clean colors I am known for.

I am also impressed by how smoothly the washes go down;

there are no problems with sediment that can affect other paints.

Even the earth tones are beautifully smooth.”



Pam Rossman

“Intense, vibrant colors!”

“‘Lift’ even translucent and opaque colors when lightly done.”

Would be interested in trying some opaque colors as well.”

“Mission colors… certainly do live up to the saturation level expected by a high-end heavily pigmented color.”

“I have a feeling this is one brand I might enjoy collecting.....Thanks again so much.”



Alexis Lavine

“I enjoyed using your paints very much.  They are quite powerful, in particular the Peacock Blue….

The Peacock Blue was also quite surprising in that it allowed me to mix a nice range of purples.  ”

“The Viridian was also nice and strong, much more so than most other brands I have used.

I especially enjoyed working with your Yellow Orange, which mixed beautifully the Viridian and other greens.”

“I also liked the transparency of the hues.  It would be interesting to try out several of your other,

more typically opaque colors, such as your cerulean and yellow ochre, to test their transparency as well.”



Tricia H. Love

“As a watercolorist who paints with vibrant colors, I like the strong, jewel-like hues of Mission Gold Watercolors.

I do a lot of layering with staining colors to achieve deep values, and Mission Gold Watercolors help me achieve this.

These paints are very versatile. When I want a pale pastel color, I add more water to the mix.

I use a limited palette so I like the way the soft creamy paint blends nicely when mixing colors.”



Mary Henderson

“This is the best pigment I have ever used.  I am constantly amazed by it.

Thru all my years of teaching I have constantly searched for a better line of paint.

I have found nothing to compare to its overall excellence.

I am thrilled to be using and teaching with Mission Gold.”



Kathleen Conover

“NO trouble with Mission Gold.  They were pure pleasure to work with.”

“I truly feel your watercolors are of the finest quality pigments.

I especially loved their mixing properties and enjoyed a new range of colors I don’t usually get.”



Helen Burkett

“They are more brilliant than the pigments I'm used to and they are very transparent

which is great for ‘transparent watercolor’ which is what I like to do”



Carolyn Collis

“The colors seemed to be true to what I’ve used in the past.

The only difference that I noticed is that the paint seems to be stronger.

A little paint goes a long way and required much more water to lighten it.”


♦  ♦  ♦  ♦


Karin Cook

“Wow!  The colors are intense!”



Edmund Copeland

“Very  strong...”



Michelle Cordova

“lighter, open feel”


Linda F Hawkins

“Colors are rich and brilliant.  A little goes a long way.”



Richard C. Green

“Good tinting strength, brilliant color.”


♦  ♦  ♦  ♦


John Salminen

Email response from wife Kathy:

“John has now finished both of the paintings he was working on,

using your new paints.  He was very impressed with them and liked the vibrancy of the colors -

particularly the reds...  He felt they worked equally well in his abstraction as in the realistic piece.”



Jane Maday

“I am really happy to share how much I love the Mission Gold watercolors.

The colors are very intense, so I can get the bright, clean colors I am known for.

I am also impressed by how smoothly the washes go down;

there are no problems with sediment that can affect other paints.

Even the earth tones are beautifully smooth.”



Geri Medway

“The colors are quite outstanding.  They are very clear and saturated.

It will take a bit of practice to adjust the way I paint

because the paint dries the same value as when it is wet with most of the colors!

This is quite different from regular watercolors that always dry lighter.”

“Very little paint is needed to achieve a strong color.”



Joan McKasson

“I think you have a wonderful product in the colors that I sampled.

The pigments have good intensity and mix very well together. I like the creamy consistency and the brilliant colors.”



Soon Warren

“I recommend that Cleo could import Mission watercolor,

and we will use Mission watercolor in our 2013 seminar…. Some of left over colors,

I am going to use in Florida Watercolor Society workshop in September.”



Joan McKasson

“I think you have a wonderful product in the colors that I sampled.

The pigments have good intensity and mix very well together.

I like the creamy consistency and the brilliant colors.”



Carol Spohn

“I am very pleased with the strong, clear color and look forward to using these paints in my new packets.

For my existing packets I will enclose my version of a conversion chart using the Mission colors for the student’s use.”




Susan Webb Tregay

“I liked it—esp. after it had dried in the palette 3 days.  It was strong and handled well.

(Some colors that were went weren’t ones I normally use and I couldn’t compare them.)”



Rosalie Waranius Vass

“Very intense, bright colors.  Lots of pigment.  Will add a spark to my paintings.”

“I would love to do a painting using only your product.”



Jo Firm

“This paint is very intense and very smooth, for those reasons, I think it will go further than other paints.”



Pearl (Pi) Gentile

“I was impressed with the vivid color”

“Dynamic colors are a must”



Charlene Gerrish

“beautiful results”



Margaret Huddy

“Colors are very vibrant!”



Kathi Hanson

“I LOVE the watercolors. I used them to create a watercolor batik class for a chapter seminar

I have coming up and the colors are so fresh and bright.”



Susan Hanssen

“Greater intensity/saturation.”

“The intensity is the amazing thing about them...

right now I am using them over ink, acrylic and spray paint and they still are very visible!”



Nessa Grainger

“The colors are rich & beautiful & no fading.  I use a lot of water  Good product!”

“I am enjoying the paints VERY much.”



Sandra Hill

“It has more pigment and delivers very vivid color even in the finest glaze.”



Suzanne Hetzel

“Very transparent!  Very intense!  They mix well, and bring a new clarity to my paintings.

I’m excited to use them”


♦  ♦  ♦  ♦


 Paul Jackson

“Your paints pack a punch. They mix easily and

are rich with pigment.”



Beth Heim

“I like the creamy property and color fastness.”

“Your brand of paint will fit the class objective of using

a fine brand of paint.”



Louise Jackson

“Fantastic—clean and strong.”

“Weber's new Mission watercolors are very exciting.

the colors are bright, strong and very clean.

Try them and see for yourself.”



Barbara Janusz

“Excellent saturation and color hue.”


♦  ♦  ♦  ♦


Bill James

“I just completed two paintings using the watercolors you sent me.

I liked the look they have on the paper surface, so I intend to use them in the future.”



Beverly Jozwiak

“So far, so good. I am slow to make change, but I like your line”



Barbara Lange

“I love these paints and will be using them in my next painting....

another dog painting....then I want to do a floral and a still life.”



Lynne Kroll

“The colors are strongly pigmented, vibrant and rich.

Excellent coverage and easily diluted, giving a nice, wide value range.”



 Karen Long

“Much higher color intensity.”



Laurie MacKenzie

“I just love the paints”

“They are equiv. & some more intense [than leading brands]”



Gail McIntosh

bright and vibrant”



Donna McIntyre

“I love your paints.  They stay moist and have good pigment.”



Mark Mehafferty

“High quality; highly pigmented.  Love the rose madder.”



Donna McIntyre

“I love your paints.  They stay moist and have good pigment.”



Mark Mehafferty

“High quality; highly pigmented.  Love the rose madder.”



 Lois Moore

“Stronger colors, doesn’t turn into a brick.”



Linda Morosky

“Love the pure colors of my 9 pack”



Karen Novak

“The new paint was nicer to use.  Didn’t need as much paint to get dark colors  Liked them better.”



Erika Oller

“Very nice!”



Cheney Parr

“Strong/ good consistency/ clean”



Rosienid Pere

“With just a little bit of paint, you can have very strong values.

The paint is more liquid and easy to use.”



Beverley Pirtle

“Nice colors, very concentrated.”


♦  ♦  ♦  ♦


Barbara Rios

“intense—like them!”



Lee Rommel

“Great luminosity!  Brilliant color.”



Liz Walker

“quality is good”



Diane G. Simon

“I love bold colors that can be manipulated to all values.”



Nikole Wagner

“Pigment rich.  Blends well.  Does stain.  Would use again.”



George “Papa” Tutt

“Great color—beautiful washes—great coverage—strong color—

I will use and buy these watercolors.”


♦  ♦  ♦  ♦


Susan Stuller

“More transparent.  Impressed by how the dry paint comes back to life in the palette and how much color there is.”



Brenda Swenson

“I have been experimenting with the ‘Mission Gold’ watercolors...

I am impressed with the saturation of color, smooth texture, transparency... All in all a very nice paint!”



Joanne Myers Warber

“It seems to me smoother and brighter.”



Susan Winslow

“Very vibrant and intense.  Like them very much.”



Lolly Walton

“Very, very rich—very transparent—does not dry out.  Vibrant.”



Lois Wolford

“These are wonderful colors that compare to the quinarridona colors in intensity and transparency.”



Jim Salchak

“Wow!  Very strong, intense colors—made great transparent washes.”



Keith Sanders

“Excellent!  Love the brilliance and washes beautifully.”



Pat Spano

“Pigment is rich—a little goes a long way!  I would love a whole set!!  Color is very rich and transparent!”



Tara Yiu

“It is more vibrant and smoother.”



Ken Weaver

“Very nice, strong colors, consist smooth.”


♦  ♦  ♦  ♦

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